South bay bike trail

This beach trail extends 22 miles from Will Rogers State Park, north of Santa Monica to Torrance Beach, near Palos Verdes. Most of the trail, except near Marina Del Ray and the Redondo Beach pier is on the boardwalk. The sights are numerous including a variety of sports, piers, interesting shops and spectacular views.

The South Bay beach trail starts here, near Will Rogers State Park.

Santa Monica Pier -- fun zone

This bicyclist on the Santa Monica Pier may have spent a bit too much time in the sun.

Venice Beach with the Santa Monica Mountains in the distance.

The crazy world of street performers and vendors in Venice beach.

The Venice Beach boardwalk.

The bike path is just beyond the boardwalk.



One of the local Venice Beach residents.

The Venice Canals, just inland from the boardwalk.

The Ballona Creek and Southbay bicycle trails share a short segment just south of Marina Del Rey. If you turn right, you will be heading to Venice and Santa Monica, via Fuji way. If you go straight, you will shortly be heading south toward Redondo Beach. Behind is the start of the Ballona Creek trail.

Hang gliding from a cliff next to the El  Segundo power station.

Foggy morning at the El Segundo power station


Volleyball tournament at the Manhattan Beach Pier.
(real time internet cam)

There are bikes and then there are bikes!

An open air concert by the Diamond Head surf band.

What is this Dalmation dog doing here in King Harbor? Click to find out.

A panoramic view of the Redondo Beach pier.

The official southern end of the trail is at this lifeguard building.

You can continue via busy surface streets through the scenic Palos Verdes area. Eventually you will end up near White's Point and Cabrillo Beach.

Rating: * * * *
Season: Anytime, but quite crowded during summer weekends.
Difficulty: Moderate (due to length and street segments in Marina Del Rey)
Hazards: Crowds, pedestrians, bicyclists not looking where they are going, etc.

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