Santa Ana River bicycle trail

The Santa Ana River trail starts near the Prado Dam (Corona) and heads 30 miles south to the Pacific Ocean eventually joining up with the Huntington Beach and Newport / Balboa bike trails. The north end of the trail passes through several scenic parks. The middle part of the trail has some nice tree lined sections and small parks. Continuing southward, the trail passes the Anaheim Stadium and a large golf course in the middle of the Santa Ana river bed. Further to the south, the trail enters an industrial area and finally reaches the ocean.

The Santa Ana River trail starts next to the entrance of the Green River golf course. Less than 1 mile away on the other side of the golf course is the South Eastern entrance to the very scenic Chino Hills State Park with many nice mountain bike trails. Unfortunately, due to local government regulations, it is virtually impossible to get there from here.

Much of the northern part of the trail is close to the noisy 91 freeway. The golf course is on the right.

The Santa Ana river meanders through Featherly Park. 

Summer in winter.  

Actors in brightly colored costumes are part of a Japanese video production in Yorba Park.

White pelican & friends  

Heading south from Imperial Highway. Snow covered Mount Baldy is visible in the distance.  

The trail crosses the Santa Ana River over a wooden bridge.  

Looking from the distance like a UFO, this strange building in the Talbert Nature Preserve turns out to be a small rest stop. This area includes a small scenic park with numerous nearby dirt trails on the bluff behind the park. The bluff is also popular with the model glider enthusiasts.

The trail finally ends at the Pacific Ocean where it connects up with the Huntington Beach and the Newport / Balboa trails.

Rating: * * * *
Season: Fall, winter, spring (Summer can be hot)
Difficulty: Moderate (due to distance).
Hazards: Summertime strong onshore flow later in the day can make riding toward the beach more difficult, some gang activity.

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